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2021 purple dragonfly award winner

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  • Middle-Grade Fiction

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Purple Dragonfly Winner Seal Trans.png

     Finally, for best friends Watty, Lilly, and Jordan summer break has arrived!  Not a thing on the agenda until they meet their mysterious neighbor, Captain Ben McAllister who does have plans for them.  Plans that will change their lives forever.

     Travel through time with these free-spirited kids as they use their savvy technical skills to decipher messages, research historical events, and try to help the captain rescue his best friend, Harry, who's unfortunately stuck somewhere in time.  Captain McAllister then enlists their aid to work on a very dangerous mission---stop an asteroid from hitting our planet sometime in the future.  Where and when will it hit?  How devastating might it be?

     Enjoy the ride as Watty, Lilly, and Jordan have the adventure of a lifetime.  Summer break will never be the same!

A middle-grade novel

Ages 10-14

adventures in time

Available Now:

in paperback and ebook

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