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Winner 2023 Purple Dragonfly Awards

Book Trailer

Middle-Grade Fiction 

Science Fiction/Fantasy 


adventures in time 2

A middle-grade novel

Ages 10-14

     When an elderly time traveler leaves clues leading to a treasure map, our three adventurous middle school kids leap into action. Out of school on winter break, Lilly, Watty, and Jordan must use their strong research skills to unravel a series of cryptic puzzles and codes in order to collect the promised prize.

     Time travel through history with these fun, free-spirited kids as their search for answers takes them on a patriotic journey to some of America's most famous monuments.

     Discover the mysteries of Mount Rushmore and the origin of the Statue of Liberty. And, what was the Liberty Bell doing in Denver in 1915?

     With one last clue to solve, they travel into the future to the historic site. What happens next is shocking! Will they find the last clue in time to claim their treasure?  Expect the unexpected!


in paperback & Kindle

In paperback and NOOK

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